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Mini-MBA Certificate
This five day workshop based program provides the participant with an overview of the key elements found in an MBA degree program but in a concise and compressed manner. Case studies and classroom exercise help the participant to synthesize the data. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and strategic planning.
• Executive mini-MBA Certificate
An intense online three month certification training program that provides the professional with an advanced study of the subjects and topics covered in the Mini-MBA Certificate program. Here the professional is exposed to additional case studies and in-depth critical thinking exercises.

Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management
The master certificate in business management is designed with the professional in mind that needs specific in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in specific areas such as contracts, human resources, accounting/finance, strategic planning, etc. The Master Certificate requires the participant to take a minimum of six business courses in either MEG or partner workshops and or in MEG online classrooms.

Business English Certificate 
Participants will develop communication strategies, vocabulary and international business skills.
• Tourism English Certificate 
Participants will develop customer service, communication and cross-cultural skills as well as build tourism specific vocabulary.
• Technical English Certificate 
Participants will learn communication skills and terminology for the computing and information technology industries.
• Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Teaching English to Younger Learners (TEYL)
Teaching English to Adult Learners (TEAL)
Teaching Business English (TBE)
• English Examination Preparation for Standardized English Exams
Preparation for TOEFL©, and other similar exams

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